Chocolate Grove – the Hidden Gem on the gateway to the Mornington Peninsula


For over 18 years, Chocolate Grove owner Will Muddyman, has indulged his passion for making premium chocolates using only the finest ingredients - and with a particular focus on variety, wild flavours, and innovation.  


Says Will, “We live to discover and produce innovative products. We coat nuts, confectionery, fruit, vegetables - and anything else that takes our fancy! Our chocolates come in all shapes and sizes including champagne bottles, solid gold bars & nuggets, pizzas, dinosaurs, transformers and mini Aussie footballs. Our ultimate aim is to create unique, exotic and exciting combinations for a real tastebud sensation.” 


At the Chocolate Grove Factory and shop, the driving force is to surprise customers, to move away from the safe and rather mundane mass-produced products seen on most supermarket shelves. We can control all processes involved in making our products and use locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Have you tried milk chocolate covered salt and vinegar crisps, mango spears in dark chocolate or solid milk chocolate donuts? It’s mind blowing!


Of course all the classic chocolate treats are covered too - chocolate eggs, hearts, bunnies and decadent combinations such as chocolate goji berries,  liquorice and honeycomb.  Macadamias are a standout too, coated in milk, white or dark chocolate. 


Visitors are also more than welcome to celebrate Australian Chocolate and Confectionery past, in the Living History Centre. Will, who is also known as the Willy Wonka of the South East, says it was his love of jazz that inspired him to document the history of Australia's chocolate and lolly companies. Who could forget the Violet Crumble, Polly Waffle, Jaffas and Choo Choo bars?


If you care to visit, our Chocolate Grove Shop and Living History Centre is situated just off the Mornington Peninsula Freeway on the Dandenong Valley Highway turn off in Carrum Downs (and only 10mins drive from Frankston)


We are Coeliac Association accredited and many of our products are Gluten Free. Plus we have a range of Vegan friendly products, and dairy free products in dark chocolate.


Chocolate Grove

Shop & Living History Centre

48 Aster Avenue

Carrum Downs VIC 3201


03 9775 1888




Opening Hours

8.00 am- 5.00pm Monday to Thursday

10.00am - 6.00 pm Friday

12.00 pm – 4.00 pm Saturday